After 26 years of being a hairdresser it was time to bake. My love and passion for creating the perfect tasting and perfect looking cake was too overwhelming and I had to hang my scissors.

Achieving success at the Adelaide and Perth Royal Show Cookery competitions has inspired me to make baking and cake design my life’s work. Wedding Cakes, birthday cakes and celebration cakes that look amazing and also taste absolutely delicious.

When I first started seriously baking it was all about taste but now, the  taste thing  has gone to a whole new level. Flavour, flavour, flavour. If you're going to treat yourself to cake it needs to be out of this world delicious and it must be worth the calories.

I make pretty much everything from scratch. Fondant is made to order for each cake and can be flavoured to compliment the cake flavour and filling. My personal favourite is vanilla bean fondant. This means that there are no preservatives and no unpleasant after taste. It also means that I can have some control of the amount of sugar.

I also make all the flavourings that go into my cakes. Salted caramel, citrus curds, berry coulis, vanilla extract and even coconut milk to name a few. I am passionate about using authentic flavours in all my baking and cooking and when you layer all of that real organic flavour that is when you get full flavoured cakes and desserts.

Here's the thing, when you use the freshest seasonal ingredients, locally sourced where possible, don’t compromise on premium quality and make almost everything from scratch, whatever you make is going to taste amazing.

 My passion is baking and creating cake designs that "wow". Cakes that are delicious and worthy of the occasions they help to celebrate. Your wedding cake, engagement cake, birthday cake and celebration cake should be the best cake you have ever had and I will make sure it doesn't disappoint. It's  important to me that your cake looks spectacular but even more important that is tastes incredible.

All my cakes are individually designed, one off creations and each cake is specially designed and made with care and attention to detail.

They are baked, designed and assembled in my home kitchen which was remodelled especially for baking and is registered with the City of Bayswater  Health Department.

I will create a cake design that compliments the  styling of your special day with a taste you will always remember.




Royal show cookery awards

All my cakes are a reflection of who I am and therefore I am always perfecting my cakes and bakes. Competitions are the perfect platform for this as there is a lot of practicing beforehand. Competing keeps me sharp and at the top of my game.