What is a Cake Date?

To put it quite simply, It's a complimentary tasting and consultation and it's actually my favourite part of the whole wedding cake process. Meeting the bride and groom and sometimes their mum's and friends too, is quite special. I always feel so honoured that I am being trusted to make a beautiful wedding cake to help them celebrate their most special of days.

Naked Wedding Cake

 A Cake Date is a chance to meet the couple, get a sense of their personality and gain a clear understanding of their unique  wedding day style. It doesn't take long to get a very clear sense of what their day will look and feel like and that is very important when designing a cake that will fit seamlessly into the style of their wedding.

Before the Cake Date I would  have already asked some important details about the wedding like, the number of guests, how many tiers they would like, venue, theme and main colours. It's also great if they can send me a few images of wedding cakes that have caught their eye so we can discuss exactly what elements they love about each cake.

 I always ask them to bring along some inspiration, whether it be invitations, fabric swatches, flowers, images and anything that evokes the style concepts of the wedding.

Naked Wedding Cake slice

And then there's the tasting! The best part of Cake Date I have been told. I provide 2 cake flavour and filling combinations. These are always the ones the couple requests from my flavour menu and because I am obsessed with baking there is usually other flavours, macarons and sometimes other petite pastries available for tasting.

Naked Wedding cake and Signature Macarons

For me, the most important part of a Cake Date is listening to what you want. Getting a clear understanding about the style you are creating for you wedding day, taking into consideration your budget and then designing your dream wedding cake.

A Cake Date generally lasts an hour and usually I am writing notes as we talk and sketching design element ideas. I'll be the first to admit that I cannot draw but it's really helpful to have some sort of visual for the couple to reference. That way we can alter and adjust, rub out, change colour and move things around.  Just as every couple is unique and special so is every wedding cake design.

By the end of the Cake Date we would have a completed wedding cake design. Every detail from flavour and filling( although there is no rush on this- flavours can be confirmed up to 2 weeks before the wedding), colours, flowers, size and shape, presentation board, ribbon, cake stand, delivery and set up.

So, to sum things up this is what you need to know about a Cake Date

  • be prepared to enjoy your tasting and consultation
  • send me images of cakes and anything you think will inspire
  • choose 2 cake flavour and fillings you would like to try
  • ask as many questions as you need to

At the end of the Cake Date if you decide you would like my to create your wedding cake you can tick "wedding cake" off your list. I will take care of everything "cake" from this point including arranging delivery and set up with your venue.